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T-shirts are available for purchase here. The first round of orders have been sent to the printer for production on Tuesday June 16th. The first batch of shirts will begin shipping out on Wednesday July 1st.


I’m working with some really talented local folks to design and produce a simple cut and sew collection of white clothes. I wanted to put a little effort into curating some great pieces that can be a part of your spiritual wardrobe for years to come. Some of us are preparing for Iyaworaje’s where we will spend a year (and a week) in white from head to toe. Some of us will be getting scratched into Palo. Some of us will be doing baptisms at the river and rompemientos in the woods. We got work to do. The first cut-and-sew piece will be a skirt cause eggun knows you can never have too many good white skirts.


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