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Hey Y’all!

Wha Gwaan?

My name is Nikki Buchanan and I am the owner of Soul Things Botanica. I am an espiritista/medium and a 5th generation New Yorker. When I launched in 2018 I started with an assortment of handmade butters, waters and spiritual supplies. In 2020 I stretched my wings and added new arms to the business; I launched the How To Be Magical podcast in January, revamped the Soul Searching blog in April and in July I released the first pieces of ‘Wear Your Whites’, a collection of all white clothing and accessories for folks of all spiritual disciplines. As I grow spiritually I expect Soul Things to continue to expand.

ISLE OF PALMS dress from the Wear Your Whites collection  
I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New York City. Going to school in El Barrio (Spanish/East Harlem) my whole life I spent a lot of time in botanicas. They were magical places full of plants, candles, books and mystery. My mom (the adventurous and mystical Sagittarius that she is) would get readings, perfumes and candles from the original Justo’s Botanica on E.104th street. 
 Justo's Botanica on 104th St & Lexington Ave in Spanish Harlem

I always viewed botanicas as neutral zones; places where people of all disciplines, religious backgrounds and socioeconomic status could go to get their work done. We are all on different spiritual paths and no one path is greater than the other. We all have a destiny we are trying to achieve. I want Soul Things Botanica to be a place where folks can come to get the tools they need to learn, grow and develop themselves.

The resource tab of this site has some dope people, sites and apps who can give you the insight you need to make the decisions that are best for you. At the core of this business I just wanna help people reach their highest good. So check out that Goodies tab and poke around. I just want you to feel empowered enough to make your own choices.


In my regular-degular earthly life I am a production professional. I do props and set dressing for TV and film. My ultimate goal is to produce a whole network of scripted shows, documentaries and films. Representation matters and my mission is to create lifestyle content for people of the African Diaspora as it pertains to their spiritual development and cultural identity. Soul Things TV is the start of that mission. I have a few videos on the YouTube channel and I'm hoping to produce some more this year. 

Thank you so much for joining me on this new leg of my business and spiritual development. I look forward to connecting with you all and I can’t wait to see what this wild ride has in store for all of us!


Your Newest Spiritual Supply Plug

Nikki <3