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Tobacco Watah

Tobacco Watah

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Tobacco Water is hands down, my absolute favorite. Earthy and masculine, Tobacco Water is great for ancestor workings as a lot of our recent ancestors, in the America’s and the Caribbean, had an intimate connection with the tobacco plant. Tobacco also has grounding energy.  I like to splash some on before I make my daily offerings of coffee, rum and cigars at my ancestor altar. Tobacco Water is a great tool to have for protection or domination workings as well. Spray some on before dealing with stubborn bosses, annoying coworkers or impatient clients. 

I made this water specifically to use when working with my ancestor altar. Made with aged tobacco leaf, vanilla, overproof rum, and distilled water. It smells like a fine hand-rolled cigar.

This is some handmade, fresh herb and fruit goodness. None of that mass-produced, made with God-knows-what stuff. 

Waters are packaged in glass bottles with screw-on lids. 

The 16 oz is not pictured.

Size pictured is a 4 oz bottle.