Dream Watah
Dream Watah
Dream Watah

Dream Watah

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In honor of my Geechee ancestry, I decided to fully swamp out this batch of Dream watah with the added goodness of High John the Conqueror, Peppermint, and Hyssop. John de Conker/the Conqueror is a highly venerated ancestor and one of the spirits traditional rootworkers work with for a number of different aims. This batch will call out to this distant folk in your blood.

"Like King Arthur of England, he has served his people. And, like King Arthur, he is not dead. He waits to return when his people shall call him again … High John de Conquer went back to Africa, but he left his power here and placed his American dwelling in the root of a certain plant. Only possess that root, and he can be summoned at any time."

Zora Neale Hurston 

This is a og-triple-og throwback to the original line of Soul Things Watahs. As an avid dreamer and astral adventurer, I wanted something to help me dream more lucidly. Sprinkle some on before bed, use it in baths for clarity, dress your dream pillows with it, put some on ya bonnet! Made with seawater, mugwort, bayberry, and African dream root (Silene Capensis), lil momma is potent.

Keep a dream journal for this one!

This is some handmade, fresh herb and fruit goodness. None of that mass-produced, made with God-knows-what stuff. 

Waters are packaged in glass bottles with screw-on lids.