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General reading
30 minutes @ $33.00

This is a 6-card tarot reading done with the Akamara Tarot deck. After the reading, you are emailed a photo of your spread as well as a full breakdown of what was pulled and how you can incorporate some changes in your routine to break or reinforce what was in the cards. 

Butter and a Blessing reading 
30 minutes @ $55.00

The Butter and a Blessing includes a 30-minute chat where we discuss all the things you'd like to use your butter to make your reality more magical! In this call, I'll listen and offer you a selection of herbs and personal conjure oils to choose from as we construct a personal care package just for you. Whether it's self-love, clarity, money attraction, or protection, there's an herb and oil combination that we can explore together!

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Dream Walker reading 
30 minutes @ $111

This reading comes as a part of the Dream Walker bundle where you receive a 40-page dream journal, a 4 oz. bottle of Dream Watah, a custom astral band from Becoming the Botanica, and a 30 minute 6-card tarot reading. Upon purchasing the Dream Walker bundle you will be emailed a private link to schedule this reading. 

You can have your reading before your bundle arrives to add insight as to how to incorporate the items into your practice or you can use the reading to aid in dream interpretation. All readings are done using the Akamara Tarot deck.

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