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Rose Watah

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Rose Water reminds me of sweet old ladies who call you “baby” and give you hard candies in church; it’s just a nice, soft, subtle scent that pairs well with stronger oils or perfumes. Rose water elevates vibrations of love, romance, and attraction. Mix some Rose Water into a self-love bath of flowers, perfumes and orange slices for a transcendent experience. 

Rosewater is one of my absolute favorite waters. It's great as a general daily refresher, a good base for baths pertaining to love, money, or attraction and it blends well with a lot of other perfumes and body oils. I add a touch of vanilla to my rosewater because it brings out the natural scent of the rosebuds.  Put a few drops in your mop water to bless your home with loving vibrations.


This is some handmade, fresh herb and fruit goodness. None of that mass-produced, made with God-knows-what stuff. 

Waters are packaged in glass bottles with screw-on lids. 

The 16 oz is not pictured.

Unfortunately, the 2 oz size is discontinued.