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Dream Watah

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This is a og-triple-og throwback to the original line of Soul Things Watahs. As an avid dreamer and astral adventurer, I wanted something to help me dream more lucidly. Sprinkle some on before bed, use it in baths for clarity, dress your dream pillows with it, put some on ya bonnet! Made with seawater, mugwort, bayberry, and African dream root (Silene Capensis), lil momma is potent.

Keep a dream journal for this one!

This is some handmade, fresh herb and fruit goodness. None of that mass-produced, made with God-knows-what stuff. 

Waters are packaged in glass bottles with screw-on lids. 

Take the Dream Watah Workshop! 

Recording live Wednesday, July 28th, 8PM EST - Click here to register



-The cultural significance of dreams
-The importance of water in divination practices throughout the Diaspora 
-The Creation of Dream Watah and how to use it in your practice
-Sleep rituals, astral altars, and dream journals 
-Live Q&A session

Bring a notebook and pen and your dream watah! There will be a live Q&A session at the end so get your questions ready and let's have some fun while we get deeper into this dream work.

See you soon!

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