Wassup With Soul Things?


It’s been 11 months since I launched Soul Things Botanica and here where I’m at:


  • Knowledge, community and honesty matter more to me than retail sales
  • I’m currently studying up on my spiritual history so I can be a better resource for the community as a practitioner and business owner
  • Events, where I can connect with people in person, are where I shine best. When I vended at the Brujeria Under the Bridge event in the fall I did so well! I was able to look people in their eyes, explain how the products worked and chop it up with folks about how to incorporate different elements into their spiritual practice. It was an electrifying experience and I want more opportunities to connect offline.
  • In the next three years, I’d like to take Soul Things on the road as a mobile botanica with a fully operational retail truck.


That being said I do have some merch that I’m looking to release this summer. They’ll be spiritually related items like t-shirts, tote bags, more magic journals, and zines. Pretty much anything that can be turned around quickly or drop shipped. I’m also working on a book entitled “How To Be Magical” named after the zine I debuted last fall. I’ll be posting more about that once I’m closer to completion.

I wanna continue building with yall online and off! At the end of the day Soul Things is all about community building and I’d love to keep that vibration going into the second half of 2019.


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