Some of My Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are a *huge* part of my practice. The etheric body collects debris and dirt just like our physical body. If you're a city dweller you need to be especially on top of your spiritual hygiene. Doubly so if you use public transportation. The amount of psychic muck you can accumulate over time depends on your protection work and your spiritual hygiene practices. 

A lot of folks get confused when they hear the term spiritual bath because they think they need to soak in a tub. Unless the remedy calls for it, not all spiritual baths require soaking to get the benefits. You can pray over the mixture and pour it over your body while standing in the tub or shower. 

I personally find it's easier to stick to a once a week bath schedule, preferably on a Sunday or Monday night. If I have a particularly rough day or am feeling a bit off I'll do cold shower followed by a simple white bath of

  • coconut water 
  • a shot of white rum 
  • white flowers
  • efun/cascarilla/powdered eggshell 
  • coconut milk 

After cleaning myself thoroughly in the shower I'll let the cold water run over me to shock my body out of whatever bag I'm in and then I'll pour the white bath over my body from the neck down. While freezing my ass off I'll air dry and once dry put on some white or light colored clothes, cover my head in a white scarf and go to bed. Nine times outta ten I wake up feeling much clearer and lighter after taking a white bath. 

Here's another recipe I did on May 1st to increase attractiveness and confidence:

  • cinnamon bark 
  • catnip 
  • damiana 
  • white flowers
  • honey
  • an orange sliced into 5 pieces 
  • coconut milk 

I actually soaked in the tub for about an hour. I set the whole scene and everything in the bathroom: tealight candles, frankincense rock incense in my charcoal burner, and healing frequencies on YouTube while I meditated and visualized how the bath would make me feel over the course of the next few days.  I even brought my honey jar with me so she could soak up a bit of the vibe too! Check this post out to see how I constructed my honey jar for self-love. 

I probably should have doubled up on this bath because I fell into a bit of a slump the following week but that is okay. By the end of the month, I bounced back and felt better than ever. 

What are some of your favorite ingredients for a spiritual bath?

What are some recipes yall would like to see on here in the future?


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