Get Dressed on Purpose!

Fun fact about me: I used to design and create plus-sized clothing. I'm also a semi-decent seamstress. Growing up my Nana taught me a lot about fashion and one of the things she imparted on me was the ability to put myself together using whatever we had on hand. She would dig in the closet, find some obscure piece of fabric and a few hours later she would emerge from the sewing room with a whole new outfit that didn't cost her anything but time and effort. In a lot of ways conjure is similar - we put things together, using whatever is readily available and we make it happen. 

A few years ago I was having a hard time and was talking about it to one of my bros when he made mention of using colors and patterns as protective measures. The concept was ingenious. Sometimes we forget that any and everything we wear on our person can be charged up with intention. From your lace front wig to your pedicured toes. *You* can be the blessed candle out here. Ready to light the world with your radiance and open to the opportunities that a well thought out look can bring into your world. 

If I didn't have a deal I'd still be worth a mil! - Lil Kim 

Even when I'm doing my hair I will oil my scalp with a blend of blessed herbs and oils, place certain charms or adornments in it and gaze at myself in the mirror until I am totally enamored with everything I see. Even if Iook crazy to the outside world I still feel 100% in love with who and what I am. 

Here are some looks that didn't cost me anything but made me feel like a million bucks. I'll be doing a follow-up post on conjure and beauty rituals so stay tuned for that. 

Tell me: what piece of clothing, jewelry or hairstyle makes you feel like a milli?



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