Hello 2020 + the How To Be Magical podcast

Happy new year Family!

I hope you all had a safe and festive holiday season. How did you ring in 2020? What were some of the things you did to fortify and energize yourselves for the year ahead? As some of you who are following me on social media may know, I spent New Year's Eve alone with my spirits. After taking a very edifying spiritual bath, I put on a white dress (didn’t bother with shoes) and spent some time just rejoicing for arriving in a new decade as a happier and calmer version of myself. You can head over to my Instagram page @soulthingsbk to see more of my new year's look!

If we crossed paths at the Brooklyn Brujeria festival last year you may be familiar with my little zine ‘How To Be Magical’ where I outlined some very simple ways to incorporate more spirituality into your day to day lives. Well, I finally took the leap to launch a podcast! Like it’s namesake, the How To Be Magical podcast is a show dedicated to the things we can all do to elevate ourselves on our spiritual journeys. As a non-initiate of Palo and Lucumi, I am very hands-on with my ancestor altar and it is the foundation of my practice. While I prepare for initiations this year I thought it would be nice to share the things that have helped me on my journey thus far. Feel free to listen to the first episode here on Spotify

The podcast is also available on Anchor FM and Pocketcast. I am working on getting it to Apple and Google podcasts but for now, listen where it is available and let me know how you like the first episode. I’ll be adding episodes weekly so stay tuned for more down to earth tales of spirituality from a native Brooklynite. I do cuss a little so wear headphones if you’re at the office. We wouldn’t want you to get written up in the new year LOL!

Lastly, I would love for you to check out a dear friend of mine TreZure Empire. Some of you may remember her waist beads from the Brooklyn Brujeria festival as Wombs of Wealth. What y'all might not know is TreZure is a very talented vocalist and producer! She writes what I would categorize as world soul music. Not only is her voice powerful but she’s a whole scholar and ethnomusicologist who sings in 5 different languages. All in all, she is the bomb and if you’re looking to learn more about womb wellness, hear about her latest projects or want to learn more about the Lucumi tradition in a modern way I implore you to check her out at her website trezureempire.com She has music on SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music so give her a listen and allow yourself to be enchanted by her warm yet forceful vocals. TreZure will be hosting a series of workshops in the coming months focusing on womb revival through movement and meditation. Follow her on Instagram @wombsofwealth to learn more about when and where those workshops will be taking place.

That’s all for now! Currently, the site only has the blog as well as some resources in the tabs on the menu bar. I am not selling anything online but please check out the podcast and keep up with me on social media @soulthingsbk on Instagram and Soul Things Botanica on Facebook. I may be doing some vending this spring as well as debuting some wearable merch. I hope you have a new year full of prosperity, productivity, joy, and peace.

Be blessed!


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