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Good mawnin! 


Can we talk about using dream work/dream divinations when doing spells? 

Before asking anyone for a second opinion you should first trust yourself! You have access to a lot of insight if you push through and think outside of the box. 

True story: I’m one of those year long crush holders. I can hold a torch for someone like nobodies business. It never veers over into Helga Pataki obsessive territory but when I crush, I crush hard. 

Aight so boom: I had a crush on a guy back when I was about 13. Nothing ever materialized. I was a super nerd back then and a tomboy to boot, so no one was  paying me any mind. Fast forward to last year. The same guy is now paying me a little bit of attention on social media. Who cares that it’s damn near 20 years later and he is clearly a whole fuckboy? In my heart I was 13 again! I was in a relationship at the time so I didn’t respond to any of his advances. However, a year later I was single again and my mind began to wander. 

Around this time my prima Chiquita Brujita had given me one of her Amor candles and my Candle, Work! journal proofs had just come in the mail. I was antsy to see what kinda juju I could muster up around this situation. I dressed the candle with some jasmine oil and meditated over it. I didn’t write a petition or anything because I wanted things to happen as naturally as possible. I lit my candle and took my ass to bed. 

On the first night I had a dream I was on a date at a really fancy pool/restaurant somewhere tropical. I was wearing a cute swimsuit, sunglasses, sarong, bomb ass jewelry, the whole shebang. My skin looked incredible. On this date though, I was with 2 men. One of them I immediately recognized. The other was clearly a man because his body was banging but instead of a face his head was made up of a single sunflower. It was kinda trippy if I’m being honest. Sunflower man was fawning over me and giving me so much attention but his friend kept feeding him. Like how a dog would catch a treat with his mouth in midair? Yeah, it was like that. The more Sunflower man was fed by his friend the more attention he gave me. It was almost like his friend was coaching him. There was a lot of affection being given to me by Sunflower man and it felt nice but something was off. I woke up smiling but feeling a bit confused. 

On the last night of the candle I dreamt again only this time the message was more direct and jarring. I was in a supermarket in my old neighborhood and I was in the produce section. As I’m shopping for yams my phone rings and it’s the guy I had the crush on: he tells me that while he finds me attractive he simply wants to fuck me and that’s it. “You’re cool and all but I don’t really like you like that. I just want to have a good time.” I can see that he is with his child and the mother of the child. They are working things out. I hang up the phone feeling slightly dejected. 

When I woke up I was humorously upset! Who hasn’t woken up from a dream absolutely pissed at something that “didn’t happen”? Dream world is funny like that. The message could be clear as day but you still want to take it a step further and ask why. Who cares why? You've gotten your answer! 

Needless to say, nothing ever materialized between me and this man. I didn’t press it because it was clear that while the attraction was there it wasn’t in my best interest to go any further. I had the feeling that had I pressed things I would’ve gotten my feelings hurt. When I was younger I might’ve forged ahead in spite of the information I had already received but now I just take it all in and let things happen as they do. 

You can’t always predict the outcome of any candle or spell workings. Sometimes what you think you want is not in line with what you need nor is it in line with what your true destiny is. So while you might be able to manipulate energy to achieve a goal you have to always ask yourself is this what you actually need? My 13-year-old ego might have been bruised but my 30-something year old psyche was intrigued and relieved. I had saved myself God knows how many weeks/months of undue stress. Sure, my loins might’ve wanted something to come of that candle working but to push the issue would’ve caused me all types of grief and heartache. I lit a candle for new beginnings in love, not for a quick roll in the hay. Sure, a loving situation presented itself in the first dream but there was someone else there coaching this person! By the second dream the true nature of the situation had been revealed and I had to respect that. Once you’ve seen, heard and felt the message it’s always best to reflect and come to your own understanding. 

Why would I have sought a second opinion when I was already presented with so much information? When doing this kind of work you have to be open to all of the possibilities. This is especially true when you are dealing with other people because they have free will just like you do. There are dozens of outcomes and they are all possible but you can’t allow yourself to be so myopic in your vision that you ignore the signs of what’s not for you. 

Trust in yourself. Be patient. Listen to all of the messages. Write things down. And most of all: be completely honest with yourself about your desires. 


Happy conjuring!!


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